Legislative Updates

Update on Business License Fee Legislation (update May 15, 2020)

The Business License Fee Legislation is currently residing in the Senate Finance Committee. It will need to be passed out of the committee to be voted on by the full Senate.  The legislation has already been passed in the house.  It has met the criteria to be taken up when the legislature returns September 15-24.
If passed, this legislation would require a standard application form, renewal date, appeals procedure, and class schedules, along with creating a central online payment portal administered by a governmental agency.

S.C. Coalition for Liability Protection’s Letter of Support for SAFE TO WORK Act

SCALT signed on to a letter in August to support the Safe To Work Act. As representatives of thousands of employers and professionals in South Carolina, we urge you to support S. 4317, the SAFE TO WORK Act. This legislation provides targeted and temporary liability relief that would protect businesses, healthcare providers, and educational institutions against unfair and costly COVID-19 related lawsuits that threaten to derail our state’s economic recovery. Unlike the majority of states, South Carolina has no liability protections in place at the state level and, therefore, we urge you to quickly enact this critical legislation by including it as part of the Phase IV COVID-19 relief package.Currently, 32 states have adopted varying degrees of COVID-19 liability protections either by legislation or executive order. Unfortunately, South Carolina is not one of them and is one of only three Southeastern states without any liability protections. As a result, our healthcare providers, businesses, and educational institutions are at a disadvantage compared to our counterparts in other states creating even more opportunities for lawsuits in South Carolina.

Informed Decisions

One of the ways we support licensed contractors, technicians and consumers is through Legislative monitoring and initiatives. Our lobbyist keeps us up-to-date on legislation that can affect your business and works to educate lawmakers on how we can improve regulation in ways that benefit everyone.

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